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Energy Incentive Programs

J.P. Kempf designs and engineers for optimal energy efficiency, making it possible for many of our customers to be eligible for energy saving incentives and rebates from their state or local utility company. This effectively increases their overall bottom line. J.P. Kempf works closely with the local utility company to provide energy savings for new state of the art refrigeration systems or existing applications. Our experience and creative solutions give clients the ability to maintain optimal temperature standards and realize significant energy savings. For an example, J.P. Kempf had achieved over 3.2 million dollars in energy-efficient measures for our clients in the year 2008. This Green Technology will reduce greenhouse gases by 694 metric tons. J.P. Kempf revolutionizes Green Technology by designing new energy-efficient refrigeration systems, qualifying for state energy efficiency funding programs.

Design Grants are available to assist architects and engineers with the additional cost of modeling, analysis, actual design, and compliance of energy-efficient building options. Design teams may receive a design grant when participating in either the prescriptive or comprehensive integrated design paths of Energy Blueprint.

Prescriptive Design Grants provide funding for certain design alternatives options, "blueprint takeoffs," material and equipment lists, and all information necessary to process and determine incentives.
www.uinet.com and www.nu.com.

On December 4, 2007, the Connecticut Energy
Efficiency Fund presented Frozen Specialties Inc.
an incentive check for $309,265.00 for their new
energy efficient ammonia system designed and
installed by J. P. Kempf Co.

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