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Frozen Specialities, Inc. - West Haven, Connecticut

Frozen Specialties Inc. is located at 135 Front Street, West Haven, Connecticut. Frozen Specialties Inc. also has other manufacturing facilities in Archbold, Ohio. The West Haven facility utilizes raw ingredients such as flour, tomato sauce and meat products to manufacture pizza bites and pizza.

The raw ingredients are assembled on the production floor and conveyed into two blast freezing systems. The existing centralized FES system which operates with R-22 refrigerant is utilized to freeze the pizzas. A second freezer is utilized to freeze the pizza bites.

J.P. Kempf was contracted to increase production on the pizza bite freezer. J.P. Kempf has installed a new energy efficient ammonia system giving the customer an added 63 tons of refrigeration to work with the existing Century air-cooled system giving FSI the ability to freeze over 5,500 pounds of pizza bite product per hour. When the products exit the blast freezer they are automatically packaged and stored in the holding freezer (serviced by Rooftop Air-Cooled Refrigeration Systems) until the product is shipped out to distribution centers, via truck. “The System Is The Solution;” it allows FSI to reduce their retail costs and hold a firm place in the market. FSI is able to save 486,917 kWh or $73,037 a year in operating costs.

On December 4, 2007, FSI received a check for $309,265.00 in energy-efficient funds from The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. The estimated payback for this system is 4.2 years. The refrigeration system is state of the art new technology to reduce greenhouse gases by “159 metric tons. Impressed by the unique characteristics of the system, the state has honored FSI and J.P. Kempf Co., Inc. for their ingenuity and cutting edge technology.


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Pennant Foods - North Haven, Connecticut

Pennant Foods, located in North Haven, Connecticut, is a manufacturer of high quality innovative bakery products. They start their process by utilizing raw ingredients such as flour, yeast and water, which are then mixed through dough mixers. This process utilizes glycol refrigeration to cool the jackets.

The product is then processed and formed, and sent to one of the three blast freezers. The frozen product is then packaged and sent to the onsite storage freezer where it is stored and sent out to the distributors. J.P. Kempf was contracted by Pennant Foods to perform storage freezer upgrades.

Pennant Foods has received an incentive from the local utility company of over $175,000 for the mentioned project.

J.P. Kempf modeled new evaporators and a new refrigerant flow control system, which increased their capacity by more than 30 percent without adding any new compressors. We also installed an auto purer to reduce non-condensables from circulating within the system, increasing its efficiency. Pennant Foods now saves 565,648 kWh or $85,007 per year on their electric. This will reduce greenhouse gases by 185 metric tons.

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Mina Foods Distributors - Milford, Connecticut

Mina Foods Distributors is a full-line distributor of whole sale foods. Mina Foods has recently purchased an existing warehouse facility for their Greek Food distribution. This will be a new storage freezer, new holding cooler and shipping dock.

J.P. Kempf is utilizing an ammonia/glycol chiller combination system. The storage freezer shall be direct ammonia refrigerant; the coolers and shipping dock shall operate from the glycol chiller. This reduces the ammonia refrigerant charge within the system to less than 1,000 pounds.

With the chiller design and refrigerant flow control system, we are able to operate with ultra low head pressure to increase the energy savings.

Total savings of this project is 460,697 kWh or $69,234 per year. This entire project reduces greenhouse gas by 151 metric tons.

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Yofarm Company - Naugatuck, Connecticut

Yofarm had been experiencing temperature controlled issues in their storage cooler areas. J.P. Kempf provided them with an energy and systems analysis report. Due to the ever-changing climate and the use of atmospheric ozone depleting refrigerants, J. P. Kempf developed a system solution for Yofarm. This report declared the removal of existing ozone depleting refrigerant systems and replaced them with a natural refrigerant, known as NH3. It was decided by both parties to utilize ammonia refrigeration to convert their storage cooler areas.

J.P. Kempf also developed a new refrigerant flow control system to operate ultra low head pressures, boosting efficiency. Total savings for this project per year is 608,692 kWh or $86,434. The reduction of greenhouse gases is 199 metric tons.

J.P. Kempf increased Yofarm's capacity in their coolers to meet the load requirements necessary for their production. New roof top penthouse evaporators were selected for the cooler application, to increase available pallet space. By adding a new energy-efficient screw compressor and evaporators with variable speed control, we were able to cut the energy cost by 50%, compared to their existing equipment.

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