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For more than 30 years J.P. Kempf has built strong relationships with leading industrial refrigeration manufacturers, distributors and utility companies, providing clients with cost effective, state of the art equipment that provides optimal energy efficiency and low maintenance. The main focus of J.P. Kempf is to assist our customers in implementing continuous energy efficient improvement programs, maintaining our client's needs and to meet or exceed their requirements. This helps us build strong customer relationships. We help our clients purchase the lowest life-cycle cost option, as opposed to the lowest first cost option of our competitors. Our systems demonstrate higher energy efficiency and lower maintenance cost.

  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Evaporative Air Units
  • Multi-Stage Refrigeration Systems
  • Hygienic Air Handlers
  • Evaporative Cooled Refrigeration Systems
  • Pump Liquid Refrigerant Systems
  • Automatic Oil Recovery Systems
  • PLC Control
  • External Sub Cooling Equipment
  • Plate and Frame Chiller Units
  • Heat Reclaim Systems
  • Electronic Monitoring & Controls
  • Custom Build Refrigeration Systems
  • Uneven Parallel Rack Systems
  • Insulated Panels
  • Insulated and Hi-speed Doors
  • EMS

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