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Refrigeration System Control is extremely important in maintaining proper temperature for every application, and energy saving. Our systems are capable of controlling all of your refrigeration needs from one unit: the systems suction pressure, discharge pressure and low temperature control.

Along with controlling a set suction pressure you can also control or override with a temperature-modified rate of change. The lowest designed temperature application is monitored with a temperature sensor. When this application reaches the desired temperature, the suction pressure is raised by the control system while continuing to closely monitor the lowest desired temperature. In this way, satisfactory temperature is maintained while putting the lowest possible demand on the refrigeration system.

This "floating effect" is achieved with the capacity controls on the refrigerant compressors. Capacity is controlled with hydraulically activated slide valves provided with the screw compressor package or a VFD control varying the speed of the compressor. Condenser fans are cycled on the same principals as the capacity controls on the refrigeration compressors. Pressure sensing transducers are installed in suction lines, liquid lines and discharge lines.

The control system analyzes these inputs and keeps all equipment operating at peak efficiency. The control system is also used for controlling all freezer/cooler temperatures, process area air units, defrost and alarm features. The control system achieves start-up and shutdown of the entire system gradually. One compressor at a time, one pump, one fan, etc., so electric demand is kept down to a minimum.

Redundant systems such as parallel condenser and liquid pumps are monitored on a 24-hour a day basis. Back up systems are started in the event of a failure of the primary system shutdown. These failures can alarm immediately or can be held until "regular working hours," when maintenance personnel are on site.


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